DXG Case Studies

Read some of our client success stories from across the globe.

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A unique, global perspective

As DXG, we deliver digital transformation across multiple sectors, cultures and continents. This vast experience gives us a unique perspective, and one we’d like to share with you through our client success stories.

Solocal Case Study

“Markentive helped us launch a complex project and quickly analysed our needs to provide for a powerful inbound strategy, comprehensive HubSpot training, and deliverables that keep us on track and allow us to achieve our goals. We were especially pleased with their availability and responsiveness on the various communication channels.” Maximilien Grolier, Le( ... )

Wall Street English Case study

“Cognition is helping us to drive a wholesale reappraisal to our approach to marketing and implement and drive inbound marketing tactics across the global Wall Street English network.” Ivan Croxford, Head of Marketing Programmes Development at Wall Street English International

Rentokil Initial Case Study

“We've been working with the Spitfire team since 2017 and the Coronavirus pandemic has served to highlight why we value that relationship so highly. They are a responsive, creative team who were able to quickly and effectively adapt our strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of our prospects, leads, customers and business.” Nathalie Leblond, Category Ma( ... )