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What is Google Analytics 4? Comparing GA4 to Universal Analytics

by Caryn Oram May 11, 2023

Google Analytics 4 is the most recent iteration of Google Analytics, a free tool that tracks user engagement and website traffic. Released in 2020, GA4 was made available in part to comply with new privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and also to better meet the demands of contemporary digital marketing. Up until now, Univer( ... )

What is D2C and where is it heading in 2023?

by Caryn Oram Mar 7, 2023

The direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model has seen a steady increase in adoption over the last few years, and this pattern seems likely to continue in 2023. With the increasing popularity of online commerce such as e-commerce platforms and social media shopping features, it is now simpler for companies to interact with customers directly, and this directly( ... )

HubSpot's New Features for 2023

by Caryn Oram Jan 12, 2023

It’s the start of a new year, and many of us have assessed the plans and strategies we want to apply in our businesses during 2023. HubSpot is a crucial component of NEXA's general strategy, which is seeking to maximise the use of all the technology we employ, and we’re excited to share some of the newest features HubSpot has launched for 2023. Let's explore( ... )

The HubSpot suite at the heart of Kwote's operations

Kwote is a SaaS CRM tool dedicated to credit management that allows CFOs, Credit Managers and General Managers of SMEs, ETIs and large groups in France and abroad to transform the client station into a performance lever.

HubSpot's new and improved Service Hub

HubSpot has launched its new offer dedicated to Customer Service a few months ago and is now positioned as a leader in the field. Several new features are now available or will soon be, with the aim of putting the customer back at the heart of the operations. The HubSpot CRM platform therefore constantly focuses on streamlining processes and simplifying comm( ... )

What is the difference between Web 3 and the Metaverse?

The digital age is evolving everyday and today’s latest evolution lies in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. You have probably seen these terms trending across your social media pages, but these are not just trending topics and it’s important businesses recognize this evolution and build their brands in this space.