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The HubSpot suite at the heart of Kwote's operations

Kwote is a SaaS CRM tool dedicated to credit management that allows CFOs, Credit Managers and General Managers of SMEs, ETIs and large groups in France and abroad to transform the client station into a performance lever. 

HubSpot's new and improved Service Hub

HubSpot has launched its new offer dedicated to Customer Service a few months ago and is now positioned as a leader in the field. Several new features are now available or will soon be, with the aim of putting the customer back at the heart of the operations. The HubSpot CRM platform therefore constantly focuses on streamlining processes and simplifying comm( ... )

What is the HubSpot Service Hub?

Before we dive into HubSpot Service Hub and the benefits that come with such an advanced platform, let’s take a look at HubSpot in its entirety.