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Toni Becker - Website Content Writer at Digital Nexa

Toni Becker - Website Content Writer at Digital Nexa

Toni is a writer with degrees in media, journalism and dramatic art. She began her career as an actress but soon realized that writing was her passion. She has worked in the marketing, social media and content writing space for over a decade and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and skill everyday. When Toni isn’t writing, she spends her time working as an activist in the mental health space.

What is the difference between Web 3 and the Metaverse?

The digital age is evolving everyday and today’s latest evolution lies in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. You have probably seen these terms trending across your social media pages, but these are not just trending topics and it’s important businesses recognize this evolution and build their brands in this space. 

How is Web 3.0 Different from Web 2.0 and Web 1.0?

1 January 1983 is often considered the birthday of the internet. Before this, a few computer networks existed but they didn't have a streamlined or effective way to communicate with each other. On the 1st of January 1983, a new communications protocol was created known as Transfer Control Protocol. Ever since this introduction, the World Wide Web continues t( ... )

Why you Should Align your Marketing, Service and Sales Departments

Departmental silos lessen overall business organization and hinder growth while fracturing customer service offerings. This is why it is important that all of your teams work together toward a common goal, and in order to do this, walls need to be broken down and departments need to align. 

Is Pay Per Click Marketing Still Relevant in 2022?

As the internet continues to evolve, digital marketing tactics progress and shift right alongside. With this in mind, many people have started to question whether or not traditional marketing tactics such as Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) have become irrelevant in today's digital landscape. 

The Importance of Marketing Operations for your Business

The term “Marketing Operations” is used to describe the function of the marketing team within an organization. These operations include marketing technology, teams and processes that align to optimize all elements of marketing and sales.

The Ultimate CRM Selection Guide and Checklist - Blog

Selecting the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your organization can become overwhelming due to the variety of options available. Our CRM Selection Guide and Checklist has been crafted to help you organize and manage the selection process, allowing you the space to select a CRM suited to your business requirements and departmental ne( ... )